Dust Collection System Preventative Maintenance (PM) Programs

Let us custom tailor a PM program for you!

What are the PM Program Options?

We offer a wide range of support options. The options include everything from replacing filters to inspecting the entire system. We offer monthly, quarterly and even yearly plans. Depending on the plan, some of the things we inspect include the following:

  • Check the pressure drop across filter media
  • Inspect compressed air system: regulator, filter, dryer
  • Inspect and clean out differential pressure gauge
  • Inspect and repair pulse valves
  • Inspect fan system including the fan drive components.
  • Check air flow at farthest collection point.
  • Inspect the hopper
  • Inspect/adjust rotary air lock device or the systems that remove dust from the collector’s hopper
  • Check operation of any dampers
  • Inspect all gaskets on doors and access ports
  • Inspect the clean air plenum
  • Inspect all system components for corrosion
  • Inspect unit supports
  • Check the NFPA inlet and outlet isolation systems